“Environmental Impact Analysis & Research

Land Use Planning and Environmental Design”



Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc. offers services to an array of clientele, including residential, commercial property owners, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. Services offered include the following:

  • Pre and Post-Purchase Evaluations of Residential or Commercial Properties
  • Completion of Zoning, Regulatory Compliance and Land Use Studies
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements pursuant to SEQR
  • Design of Residential and Commercial Site Plans; Site Planning
  • Environmental and Open Space Planning
  • Design of Residential Subdivisions
  • Conceptual Clearing and Landscape Restoration Plans
  • Environmental Remediation and Mitigation Planning
  • Flora, Fauna & Benthic Surveys in Marine and Estuarine environments.
  • Dune Restoration and Coastal Erosion Control Projects
  • Wetlands Mapping
  • Regulatory Permits
  • Small Town Community Master Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Project Management
  • Presentation Graphics - Plan Design and Production
  • Attendance at Meetings and Hearings
Special properties require special attention. We know what questions to ask, and where to get the answers. Let Inter-Science Research Associates, Inc. assist you with your project.

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